Tuesday, December 5, 2023


Western Australian 86 & BRZ Car Club Incorporated
st. 13th September 2012

This club is for genuine Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ Owners (including past and future owners) in Western Australia, encouraging the sharing of general automotive, group buy, club offers & event information, for sale/want to buy as well as being a platform for members to arrange social outings both spontaneous and planned.

Club Rules:

  • No foul, discriminatory, defamatory, libelous or threatening language.
  • No invasion of privacy; no racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable language.
  • Do not post material in violation of trademark or copyright laws or other laws.
  • Comments should be relevant to the post.
  • No attacks that identify individuals, companies, unions or other organizations.
  • No spam, flaming, flooding, advertisements or solicitations.
  • Anything of an illegal nature MAY be forwarded to police dependent on its nature.

For Sale Posts on Facebook:
Seller reserves the right to accept or reject offers (higher or lower than advertised), change the advertised price as well as cancel the sale providing no money has been exchanged for the item(s) in question (i.e. full payment or deposit).

Buyer Beware:
The “West Australian 86/BRZ Club” and it’s administration are not responsible for any sale of item(s) sold in this group between other facebook members. All items for sale are deemed as “Buyer Beware” (i.e. the responsibility falls on the buyer to make sure item is correct and as described).

Naming and Shaming:
The club does not condone public naming and shaming of individuals and as such behavior is deemed as unacceptable. If there are disagreements between individuals they should first try to resolve the issue privately before contacting the admin(s) of the facebook page. Admins will consider action on a case by case basis. Any post(s) that are designed to name and shame individuals will be deleted.

Commercial Sales:
‘Commercial sales’ are only for approved financial sponsors of the “Western Australian 86 & BRZ Car Club Incorporated” where their sponsorship is currently active. Any sales of a commercial nature will be deleted and the seller will be contacted regarding the post (group buys that have prior approval are exempt).

Group Buys:
‘Group Buys’ are allowed providing prior approval is granted via the club committee in writing. ‘Group Buys’ posted without prior approval risk being deleted (an administrator will contact if post is deleted). The “West Australian 86/BRZ Club” and it’s administration/committee are not responsible for any group buy run on this facebook page. The group buys are only to be managed by the individual(s) that engage them (i.e. the responsibility falls on the individual(s) conducting the group buy to make sure item is correct, as described and that full pricing is disclosed to the buyers).

The appointed administrators reserve the right to; remove or block (permanently) any non genuine “owners”, or unacceptable & non-compliant behavior in the “Western Australian 86 & BRZ Car Club Incorporated” group.