Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Audio Precision Tech Talk Night 2016

In October we were lucky enough to be invited down to visit the guys at Audio Precision for an inside look behind the scenes where they showed in detail how to install Dynamat Sound Deadening into the doors of an 86/BRZ. Also on offer were some great club deals on a range of products across the board.

Just to recap on a few important take-away points from the tech talk:

  • OEM Speakers are mass produced and used on as many vehicles as possible to keep manufacturing costs down. They are not built for quality.
  • The most expensive speakers are only as good as the environment and installation.
  • Cheap speakers installed well will sound better than expensive speakers installed badly.
  • Sound deadening is a good bang for buck way to improve audio quality while also blocking noise from outside a vehicle.
  • Foam padding and seals can also be added to further channel sound energy to the listener instead of wasting it in metal panels on the car.

Congratulations to our member Chris Round, the lucky winner of the free sound deadening pack.

A big thanks to the team at Audio Precision for letting us check it out!