Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Dyno Night @ Hyperdrive Motorsport

Our final event of the year was a short notice Dyno night for members & non-members of the club. It’s common knowledge that these are not power cars, but every modification makes a difference, and with a wide range of cars and subtle differences, it was great comparing power figures with one another.


With a stock reading from one member of 133hp at the wheels, most of the vehicles put down 150-165hp, mainly from exhaust systems and aftermarket engine tuning. While there were no turbo machines there tonight, a few in the club have well over 200hp, so the chase for highest naturally aspirated vehicle is always on.

A BBQ dinner was supplied by Cameron and Tom, and thanks to Steve for handling the necessary paperwork and organising the running order. Results can be seen on the Dyno Charts page.