The Kart Centre – Go Kart Night


Upcoming Event:

The Kart Centre – Canning Vale

June 26th 2020

6:30pm – 9:30pm

Max. 30 entrants

Out of stock



We will be holding quarterly indoor karting events at a cost of $75 per person per night (members get $10 off). Groups of 10 on track at any one time, and each night will consist of the following:

10 Minute Practice
2×20 Lap Heats
25 Lap Final

It is a competitive event with prizes up for grabs at the end of the year!

1st Place:
$100 fuel voucher, club shirt, and 1 year FREE Club membership
2nd Place:
$50 fuel voucher
3rd Place:
Free club merchandise of your choice

2020 Fastest Lap:
1 Year FREE Club membership

This will be an accrual event, with prizes given out at the last event of the year on 18th December.

10 Points for 1st place on the night
1 Point for last place.

Fastest lap of the night gets a bonus point.

Hope to see a great turnout!