Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Second Gear Hack

The first in a series of technical Do-It-Yourself tips from the Track & Technical side of the committee.

So for those of you with a “notchy”, or “hard to select”, second gear, there is a solution past changing the transmission fluid.

If you remove your shifter and all boots, foam, and plates down to the reverse lockout plate, you can adjust this with 4x10mm bolts.

This plate causes a notch on cars that havent been adjusted correctly or at all from the factory.

To adjust it, place the car in first or second gear, and loosen the bolts. Ensure youve got around 0.5-1mm of clearance between the plate and the gearstick, with the bolts loosened off. Then ensure the reverse lockout function works.

Once you’re happy with the positioning, make sure you tighten the bolts down without the plate moving, reassemble, and enjoy!

Hopefully this solves some of your notchy shifting issues.

Tools Required:

1x 10mm socket/spanner
1x 12mm socket/spanner
1x Phillips Head 2 screwdriver
1x Flat Edge/Trim Tool


Step 1:
Remove the head unit surround trim piece. Remove the gear knob, and gearstick surround.

Step 2:
Remove the two screws holding the center console knee pads to the dash.

Step 3:
Remove push button start fascia/pocket piece

Step 4:
Remove the 2 screws under the push start fascia/pocket piece, and the two screws/bolts under the cup holder. Pop the handbrake boot off of the center console. Lift the rear of the center console, and pull towards back of car. Remember to disconnect the cigarette lighter and heated seats plugs if equipped.

Step 5:
Remove the push clips holding the foam around the gearstick. Remove the foam.

Step 6:
Unbolt the 4x12mm bolts holding the metal plate down, position aside. Remove the rubber boot up and over the gear stick

Step 7:
Adjust the lockout plate using the 4x10mm bolts.

Step 8:
Reassemble in reverse order.